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Re: CM-64 / Cable-Pinout

this is a simple schematic for a gameport->midi-out adapter: http://i.imgur.com/tzvAwcJl.png you connect it to the CM-64's IN port and it will work fine... straight cable connections are not a good idea. Ok got a 74LS00. Ist pin 15 not connected? or ist there a line missing in that graphic`? And 8 …

Re: CM-64 / Cable-Pinout

Ok thanks, if i get a 74LS00 i'll do that thing. But, should i have gotten sound or not? What will/would happen with a straight connection? What about those midi/gameport-cables you can get on amazon/ebay? Do the have this circuit?

CM-64 / Cable-Pinout

"Quick" question: I recently got a CM-64 without cables. I made a cable via this http://amorphe-welt.de/bastelei/midi/midikabel.html DIN - D-sub --------------- 2 - 4 4 - 8 5 - 15 After a quick test i diddn't get sound, so i want to know if this pinout is correct, so i can rule the cable out. Thanks

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