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Re: HDD Clicker - HDD Sound Simulator

For those who haven’t seen, Clint/LGR has done a video on this, too: https://youtu.be/IZKttBr2Y8g Somehow, I missed this thread, and root42’s video about it. I ordered one as soon as I saw the video. Thanks @matze79 for designing this, and @dreamblaster for making it available! - Alex

VCF Swap Meet @ Wall Township, New Jersey, USA, October 8th

in Milliways
All, Please join us at the 2022 VCF Swap Meet, in Wall Township, New Jersey, on October 8th: https://vcfed.org/2022/09/11/vcf-swap-meet-october-8-2022/ We start at 8am and run until 2pm. If you're selling, you can come at 7am. Spaces are $20 for the first one, and $10 for each additional. We had a …

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