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Re: Graphic card memory speeds

in Marvin \ Video
30-40ns memory is an overkill though, because it's nearly impossible to overclock this cards up to ~80mhz. You still are struggling to do basic math!? I thought I had taught you this over in another thread... frequency (MHz) = 1 / wavelength (ns). Please learn... 80MHz = 1/80MHz = 12.5 nano seconds …

Re: Slot 1 pentium mmx gaming build

Hey all! since most of you are sharing pc build's here, thought on giving a specification sheet over mine. its a slot 1 pentium mmx around 300 mhz cpu, with x2 512 ram, holding a tnt 2 ultra graphics card, sound blaster awe64 isa, pci ethernet card, and its running windows 98se on 60 gig ide drive. …

Re: Windows 98SE install hangs.

I installed two 256MB double-sided memory modules, and the motherboard now properly detects 524288MB. But Windows 98SE still hangs on install. Is it still too much memory, or could the problem be the IDE 133 card I'm using for the CF adapter? The motherboard only supports IDE 66. CF performance …

Re: Windows 98SE install hangs.

Does floppy drive work properly (if enabled in BIOS)? And leave only one memory module (at least for windows install). Also I recommend remove all unnesessary expansion boards (sound, network, video accelerators, etc) until you berach further in setup.

CT1600 missing components id

in Marvin \ Sound
Hi there! I've got SBPro 2.0 CT1600 rev 08 and when I've took a closer look at the board I've found two tube caps - C34 and C15 are desolered. Also at some reason there was desoldered L7809 volt regulator, but I've already soldered it back ))) The card now is making sound, but it still not okay at …

Re: HardMPU, anyone?

in Marvin \ Sound
How to update the firmware? I've dowloaded some stuff from github and there in the BIN section I see references to avrdude, which not included in the package. But it seem s that it's just half of the whole way so I will need to use some programmer to connect the ATMega chip to USB (?) port. Can …

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