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Re: Uneven framerate / missing frames in WinXP

Might be worth a shot / related...might be not... But I had similar issues with performance steiffelt by using USB HIDs like keyboard and mouse. It resulted in poorly timed mouse operation as well as sometimes copy errors, but mainly steiffelt performance for botht the HIDs as well as file transfer. …

Re: Paradise VGA

MT4067 looks to be 64kx4 chip, nothing fancy, there should be plenty other 4464-class DRAM chips available. I'm pretty sure you need to populate all the sockets, that would but the VRAM from 256k you currently have to 512k. ...which would enable you to use 256 colours for 640x480 under Win3.1 IIRC, …

Re: Creative's intended market for 16 bit audio?

The Serpent Rider wrote on 2020-02-16, 10:05: 16-bit 44kHz was the requirement for CD audio, which was growing in popularity since late 80s. and no support SB Pro 2 Lack of proper SB Pro 2 support is practically not an issue. Especially due to the fact that it does actually work, but just doesn't …

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