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Re: Help me identify an Aztech sound card

[...] Can you provide an example? I would like to take some notes for my list. Until now all cards i have always have the same codec for the same fcc id. I am working on a sspreadsheet to identify the all aztech soundcards properly based on the used chips. Couple of examples... MMSN822 AD: https:// …

Re: Help me identify an Aztech sound card

FYI Windows 95 recognized it as a Washington 16. It loads the drivers automatically but no sound. If i remember correctly the washington has a crystal codec... The codecs were interchangable and Aztech could & did release cards of the same type with either Crystal or AD codec, just like they mixed …

Re: Help me identify an Aztech sound card

[...] You could try the drivers for the MMSN826 (Sound Galaxy Waverider 32+). This card also looks like your card minus the wavetable. The MMSN826 without wavetable is the MMSN824. Agreed that this looks functionally identical to it, so I'd try those tools (no need for drivrs in DOS). Thanks! Do …

Re: Considering building a i486 Computer with either VLB or PCI video card support on slots

I see. Is there an all rounder vlb card that works fine with windows and dos? Most will do so; for DOS bus speed is most important for performance so all VLB cards will be similar. If (but only if) you want to play SVGA scrolling games, VESA support is relevant. Basically, S3 and Cirrus Logic are …

Re: Looking for IBM Music Feature Card owners

If someone's ordering a load of PCBs I'm also up for building one. Have been extremely busy the past six months but in next two weeks things should settle down when my study/mancave is finished and a nice simple THT soldering project is just what I need to inaugurate it.

Re: Mixing a Gravis Ultrasound with a Sound Blaster?

Are you talking about mixing the outputs? I have both output into a Behringer RX1602 (along with a couple of other vintage PCs and my MIDI sound modules). Much better than connecting output of one to line-in of the other. Or are you talking about having both cards present in the same system? I'm not …

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