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Re: Are all "Goteks" made equal?

in PC Emulation
From my experience - multiple "Goteks" purchased from random eBay sellers - they've all been the same. Initially a bit tricky wiring and detecting for a firmware flash, after this plain sailing.

Re: Not enough Memory Windows 98 SE

in DOS
How much RAM do you have installed? The issue might be you have too much - see R. Lowe's 512MB RAM limitation patch: https://rloewelectronics.com/distribute/PATCH … .0/PATCHM01.HTM

Re: 486svg0x4

in DOS
Jumper the turbo switch to ON (bottom right under cache) had the same issue with this board recently when setting up! Good to see another one resurrected.

Re: Cirrus Logic 5429 VLB issues in Windows

in Marvin \ Video
Even with 2MB RAM on paper it should support higher colours at higher resolutions, but it would be the RAMDAC that's the limitation here. I've been playing around with a few VLB cards recently in Windows 3.1 (ET4000 W32i 1MB, ARK1000VL 2MB, Cirrus Logic something 2MB), apart from only the highest …

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