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Re: Vogons Video Announcement Thread

in Milliways
Our First PC: Highscreen Colani 486SX The first PC that our family bought back in 1993 was a Vobis Highscreen Colani 486SX-25 Desktop. It was a rather run-of-the-mill low end 486, but it had one special feature: the faceplate of the case was designed by famous industrial designer Luigi Colani. With …

Re: Emulating Area5150

in PC Emulation
Awesome project! Now if someone could fix area5150 so that it runs on my 286, that would be nice 😀 It runs pretty far, but crashes at some point late in the demo. Lovely to see that your emulator is multi platform! Very impressive! Will check it out on my M1 Mac to finally see the end of area5150!

Re: MUS-1099

scroeffie wrote on 2023-06-13, 12:39: i got the card to work iam not impressed i like the adlib clone sound way better Listening to some samples on Youtube could have saved you some bucks. 😉

Re: Platform games Amiga Style on PC??

What do you mean by platform? Platformers as in jump and run games? If that was meant: Gods by the Bitmap Brothers was available for both Amiga and PC. Similar with Zool and other games like that. The PC was lacking a lot in the scrolling and sprites department, but could make up for it once the …

Problems with Paradies HEGA IIIB in 200 lines modes

I have a Paradise EGA card HEGA IIIB, which works mostly fine. Text mode and 640x350 works like a charm. Only games running in 200 line modes (320x200 or 640x200 show lots of noise and flashing green bars that race through the image. What could that be and how can I debug this? I have multimeter and …

Re: EGA/VGA emulation on Hercules

in Milliways
Is it possible to make EGA's partial screen area pixels emulation? Is it possible to read A000~AFFF with TSR program without EGA card, and TSR copies A000~AFFFF to RAM, and copies that RAM address to Hercules card area? It would be even harder to just do that. EGA has something akin to bitplanes …

Re: I built the AdLib reproduction card

Is there a genuine parts list to order parts from? In the project's README on https://github.com/schlae/adlib there's a link to a mouser basket root42 created. You need to find replacements for a number of resistors (as they're a minimum order of 200, at least now...) and the 74LS 245 logic IC, as …

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