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Re: What do you think about Steam Deck handheld PC ?

in Milliways
(People are moaning that it won't have capacity to install the 100GB AAA games like RDR2 and CP but it doesn't have a hope at running those games well to begin with. I would love to be proven wrong...) You can already play those games on GPD Win 3 and Aya Neo which are much smaller devices: …

What do you think about Steam Deck handheld PC ?

in Milliways
Recently Valve officially announced Steam Deck; a handheld PC running SteamOS, similar to GPD Win 3, Aya Neo and One Xplayer that already had successful crowdfunding earlier this year and that run on Windows. https://store.steampowered.com/steamdeck

Re: graphics that over promise and under deliver

in Milliways
I would say that modern games have too much "noise" in them. Before 2000 there were so many hardware limitations and levels consisted of only what was necessary. They built the gameplay and atmosphere with the bare minimum. Those games are actually much more comfortable to play, because when you …

Re: 8k

in Milliways
I was thinking of buying a 1440p monitor, but since GPU prices are ridiculous now, I can't buy a GPU to run it.

Re: dgVoodoo 2.7.x and related WIP versions

Sorry for being inactive here. Unfortunately, due to other IRL activities, I have minimal time I can spend on dgVoodoo and related things. :( Don't worry about it. You alone, in your free time, already did more for old PC games than what Microsoft did for Xbox backwards compatibility with all their …

Re: Chia cryptocurrency - Mining on HDD and SSD

in Milliways
Meanwhile all main cryptos took serious nosedive after Elon Musk's comments and Bank of China statements. This includes Chia. You know what is good about Chinese communists ? They embraced capitalism, but the difference is, since they are communists, they study capitalism from the basis that it …

Re: Chia cryptocurrency - Mining on HDD and SSD

in Milliways
How about we start using acorns as currency ? Instead of buying computer components and wasting electricity on virtual money, people plant trees which clean up the air and slow down climate change. As stupid as it sounds, it is not worse than what we have now.

Re: Crimson Skies and dgVoodoo

Crimson Skies is an old DirectX game, so you need to follow instructions under "Installation - DirectX 2-8". All you have to do is copy the mentioned files into the game installation folder. Any other configuration is optional, unless there is a very specific issue with the game and a known fix. You …

Re: How often do you buy a brand new computer ?

in Milliways
cyclone3d wrote on 2021-03-29, 00:42: What it i only generally buy used hardware when upgrading? Does that still count as a new computer if I upgrade my mb and CPU with used parts? I really messed up the title. As long as it is newer then you previous one, and you use it as your main computer, …

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