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Re: Abit VP6

Lovely motherboard—congratulations! I really like the GoldenOrbs, too. How about some Quake3 for starters, with and without SMP. I think there are no Apollo Pro133A results in the quake3 smp-scaling thread , so having your results would be interesting! Thats worth the effort I will be delighted to …

Re: Abit VP6

kalohimal wrote on 2020-06-05, 00:32: Using CF card for Windows swap space is not a good idea. It will kill the CF card in no time. Good point but considering 2gb ram with an OS that would probably use up 3/4 running a 3D game I'd probably be alright considering its just a casual thing and not a …

Re: PCEm. Another PC emulator.

I think the sound issues of windows Guest on this emulator would be fixed with a remote pc connection to the Host pc. All emulators without this are prone to audio issues. Perhaps aLinux alternative would appeal?

Re: Abit VP6

At this time, I'd like to ask the Vogons community what would you like me to test on it. It runs all versions of windows from from 95 to windows 7 x32 so perhaps if you just want to know if something works that your considering building something similar please comment about it and I will try it …

Abit VP6 Dual p3

I have posted about it in the beginning but I didn't explain the whole adventure. When it was released I wanted it. In 2003 I had a pentium 233mhz socket 7 Triton v2 motherboard system with 32mb ram and windows xp ... it sucked with its 4 platter 32gb hard disk. Seeing this VP6 online at the time …

Re: Compact Flash Card Help (sorry, I've looked and looked)

in DOS
one way to format a CF card with fat16 is with virtual pc 2004. (not 2004 sp1) It allows real disk access as well as virtual. load up a virtual machine with dos connect it to the cf card format away and it will boot on a physical machine at post. But that means using windows xp i would assume. Not …

Re: Yamaha YMF7x4 Guide

Has there been any success getting a quality driver port to linux for this card to play dos games in dos box? or even play midi in linux? According to this YMF7X4 XG wavetable is implemented in software, which is likely proprietary to Yamaha . I would not expect it ever be implemented in Linux . …

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