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Re: Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum 16 ?

For the first video, the PAS is a great card, but the PAS16 isn't completely compatible with it. For the second video, the Jazz16 chipset is really nice, but it isn't completely compatible with the PAS16. Okay, I have 3 cards. 1) Pas 16 2) MV 16 Pro 3) MV 16 ISA cards. What is the best type of …


Nice ! I was going to buy one of those and I am glad I did not. I really don't care for the IBM Bios. I prefer something more customizable like the Award or Phoenix bios. I did purchase a NEWER Aptiva however. With an AMD K6 333mhz CPU which I replaced with a Pentium 233mhz CPU. The motherboard has …

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