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Upgrade to 2MB TSeng VLB

Recently I got this card. I noticed that it has empty solder points for DRAMs and decided to upgrade it to fulfill memories. I soldered 8x dip20 sockets and 8x 100nF capacitors. After put 8x MB81C4256A-70 - unfortunately the screen is glitching. Probably 74F04 circuit and PAL/GAL is also needed ( …


Does anyone have rev 2.04 of this mobo and can share quality photos? I couldn't find clear photo on the web. Inside ASUS manual the picture is not so clear. Especially version with LM78 is rare (I have 2 mobos 1.41 without it). And the second question: is safe to run 2.0V PII (333/66) on C-PKND …

Re: Can't send PM

in Milliways
I didn't see proper sub-forum. Maybe is hidden also? I very like to send PM to admin to get the explanation but it is not possible.

Can't send PM

in Milliways
Sorry for that post but I couldn't find non-hardware category in this forum. I can't send PMs. Also I can't send PM to administrators. What are limits (membertime or posts count)? Quote from FAQ: I cannot send private messages! There are three reasons for this; you are not registered and/or not …

Re: Damaged CT1900

I tried to desolder U7 rom using gun with electric pump but legs were very loose, shell also was broken and couldn't pull out it in one piece. I thought that the second chip will be untouched but it was also broken (and circuit inside). So @moturimi1 if you can dump them then please. I am not hurry …

Re: Damaged CT1900

Yes, Forklift' driver touched a bag where inside were these cards. After his work the seller wanted to send me them. Initially, I thought that it is a joke or someone would pay more for them.

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