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Re: Windows 3.11 on a 386SX

All true, however I think some of those same factors hurt gaming on Win 3.x. For example, early graphics adapters ran those higher-resolution VGA and Super VGA modes, but were terribly slow doing it. So, any games that hoped to work in that environment had to tolerate very low graphics performance. …

Re: How to Turn my Pentium III Classic Gaming PC Into a *Quiet* Classic Gaming PC?

I will often (carefully!) stop a fan with my finger to see how much effect it has on the noise signature. It doesn't have to be the loudest to be the largest contributor. Pitch and tone matter. If you can put your HDD to sleep, you can easily judge its contribution too. My technique for quieting old …

Re: Mixed mode CD image in .IMG format?

You've got some work ahead of you. Not everyone out there knows what they're doing ripping discs, so I agree with the above sentiment: If you can get hold of the original disc easily enough, then rip it yourself so at least if it isn't done correctly, you can just do it again until it is. If it's …

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