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Re: Semi-rare midi boxes

brostenen wrote: Are MT32 compatible. (Just a tip for those that did not know) Yeah everything claims to be mt32 compatible. Thing is there are mt32s that aren't mt32 compatible for our purposes.

Re: Thoughts on sound blaster for XP Games?

I am putting together some parts for a retro XP build - targeting 2003ish-2007 games. I am looking into sound blaster support, and according to this list I want to get a card with EAX 5.0 support to have the best audio for the most games. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_games_with_EAX_support …

Re: Audigy1 spdif

So I switched to an Audigy2, not only does it seem to have far less trouble with my Via 133a chipset motherboard, but the spdif out worked the first time. Sounds great too! Only downside is the VXD driver install was a bit more painful, and I have heard the Audigy2 VXD drivers don't work so well...? …

Re: DOSBox Editor

in DOS
Get freedos and put it inside dosbox. It has a modernish edit command plus many other useful programs.

Re: dx12 partially getting ported to windows 7

in Milliways
That game is from 1998. I imagine in runs even better under Win98 than Win7. What I meant was that every game made for Vista/7 runs on 10 no problem, and likely will still do so 10 years from now (assuming its still called Win10). I.e. you will never have to build a 7 box for compatibility, but …

Re: Diamond MX300 driver madness and a solution

I am currently planing an nearly identical system. I have chosen a Shuttle XPC P4 with SIS AGP4x Chipset. I will put a relatively cool P4 1,6A Ghz model in it (~40-45 Watt TDP) I will deactivate Onboard-Sound Sound and put a vortex2 in it. (I also have ymh744 or SBlive or ESS-Solo1) My main focus …

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