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Re: SB Live CD-DA/Redbook in DOS

Tiido wrote: You need a WDM driver to have direct CDDA playback without a cable to sound card. I think you need the WDM driver to even get SPDIF output from the CDROM to the Sound Card. With VXD drivers I think you are limited to 4-pin analogue.

S3 Virge DX monochrome output sometimes

In my MSDOS6 PC I have a S3 Virge DX connecting through a Voodoo1. Recently I setup s3bright to get a nice black background after it boots up. However, sometimes I go into a game and the display is in monochrome. Sometimes it happens the first game I play, sometimes I play a game in color, go into …

Motherboards with integrated LEGACY audio

I am building a mATX s370 system (with a Via C3 cpu) aiming to be near silent. After two MSI motherboards just stopped posting on the same day, which I could not explain, I tried another SOYO mobo (3xPCI, 1xISA, no AGP), can't find a model number. It has integrated graphics (TNT2?) and like most …

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