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My first DOS build

Hello! Few weeks ago I decided to build my DOS PC. In nineties I owned Commodore 64 and next Amiga 1200. Then I bought my first PC, but it already came with Windows 98 SE, so this is my firs DOS-building experience. Some time ago my parents in law bought new house. I went there to help them throw …

S3 Virge RAM

Hello! I would like to buy "new" VGA card for my new retro rig and I have chosen S3 Virge DX/GX (compatibility, availability, affordability). I've found seller who has one Virge 325 with 4MB RAM (4 soldered and 4 socketed chips) and one Virge 375 with 2MB RAM (4 soldered chips + 4 empty sockets). Is …

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