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Re: How much is worth?

There is never objective value of something. It is all supply and demand and what people are willing to pay for something that decides a value of something and that changes over time. If the people who try to sell something for higher price than before find buyers then objectively its value goes up …

Re: Market value for popular or rare classic computer hardware

in Milliways
The hardware is not relevant. The hardware is just about “Speed and Performance” of the software. that's a pretty bad take, of course the hardware is relevant, not just for the sake of running software on it but purely for it's historical significance, it's developement over time and how PC …

Re: Roland Scc1 + MT32!

in MT-32 General
I often run multiple MIDI modules in parallel to give the instruments more depth, but that usually only works with GM, as tracks made for MT-32 will not play correctly on a GM module and vice-versa and while some GS/GM modules have a MT-32 mode it never sounds as good as a real MT-32 tbh, but no …

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