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Re: What modern activity did you get up to today?

in Milliways
bfcastello wrote: Don't know how to classify this, as a retro or modern activity. But I installed WinAmp 5.8 on my Windows 10 Enterprise VM, along with the classic skin running on it. Oh, memories... I also still use winamp today, and I don't see any need to change that 😀 it really whips the …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

in Marvin \ Video
shouldn't an emulated shadow mask always be the same "size", independent of the actual input resolution? my primary goal is to distort the image and emulate a shadow mask like in CRT-Geom I read that shadow mask would only look good on 4k, but I watched a few videos of it on youtube in lower …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

in Marvin \ Video
If you target OBS, then you have to write an effect using the API: https://obsproject.com/docs/reference-libobs-graphics-effects.html There you can include the CRT shader. thank you for that link, going to look into that in the evening, I do actually want to use it for streaming, that's why I was …

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