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Re: Which soundcard for Unisys CWD 5001-ZA

The Pro Audio 16 Basic (essentially a PAS16 without the SCSI CD-ROM interface) looks like it might fit: https://retronn.de/imports/hwgal/hw_sound_card_logitech_pas16.html The PCB measures 18cm long, what's the maximum length the PC can take? It's not an SB16 but does have genuine OPL3, its own 16- …

Re: Any love for AM2?

Until about 14 months ago, an AM2+-based system was my primary desktop (I don't do heavy stuff like photo/video editing or build large programs) with 4GB RAM and a Phenom II X2 550, running Fedora and XP (rarely, just for the odd game). Since upgrading to a Ryzen, I still boot the AM2 (now …

Re: How to (manually) align a FAT filesystem?

in PC Emulation
And how can I see the erase page size of a pendrive? You can try flashbench: https://github.com/bradfa/flashbench I'm not sure there's much you can do to optimise FAT for solid-state storage given that it was originally designed for a floppy disk. The most you can do is align the partition itself. …

Re: General MIDI only works

I think you asked a similar question before: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=71382&p=817046 I assume you're running those games in a DOS window under Win98 (as opposed to booting into pure DOS 7). "General MIDI" emulates an MPU-401 interface and sends the MIDI data back to the MIDI …

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