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Re: Falcosoft Soundfont Midi Player

You can use any postfix to define the loading order of syx files (or you can also omit the postfix). The implementation uses simple ascending ABC sort. Thank you for this neat feature. I tested it on several Quest Studios with a separate SysEx file, and it works great for me. No tedious manual …

Re: Last game made for mt 32

Depends on what we mean by "support". Several late 90's games still "supported" the MT-32 via the Miles sound system. Most of them were definitely not optimized for it though, as the Miles audio driver was merely a GM to MT remapping table.

Re: Munt 2.0.0 released

Thanks Sergey for the great work. So far so good! Incidentally, I've recently received a couple of U110 PCM cards and couldn't help wondering about the state of CM-64 emulation. Is this planned on the Munt roadmap?

Re: List of games that use MT-32 default instruments

Legend Entertainment games use the default instruments to great effect. The thing is, the MT-32 is not exactly a ROMpler and no soundfont or sysex remapping will correctly "emulate" the synth's instruments (be they default or custom). You can certainly try and make a list of MT-32 games that sound …

Re: What are the best Sound Canvas games?

in Milliways
What is this thread doing in MT-32 General? Also: Gabriel Knight Quest for Glory 4 Death Gate Shannara Mission Critical Crosstime Saloon And the MIDI Collections from Falcom and Konami, among several Japanese GM/GS game soundtracks.

Re: Heads Up: Roland Sound Canvas VA VSTi Plugin!

While the emulation seems decent, it's useful to know that Roland clearly mentions the following on their website: "The Sound Canvas VA is not designed to play Standard MIDI Files. Depending on the data in your music files and how it’s processed with the host application, the mix balance, tone, and …

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