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Re: Ultimate multi-sound card setup?

It's a bit of a thread derail, but I just got curious about the MPU-104 and MPU-105. The 104 is an input switcher (so in this context, you might have 5 retro PCs connected to one SC-55). The 105 is an output switcher (so, one retro PC connected to multiple MIDI modules). You can see how the 105 …

Re: Ultimate multi-sound card setup?

I've tried to create the ultimate in DOS sound support on my 386. Internal: SB2.0 1350B with CMS chips GUS Classic PC MIDI card External: Covox clone MT-32 TG100 FB-01 It loses "ultimate" points for: Not having stereo FM Not including a Sound Canvas module, as it's not the best era for it

Roland MPU-IPC in a 386

In short: I had problems, I know why, but I thought I'd raise it here to see if anyone else had experiences to share. MPU-IPC.jpg The MPU-IPC is one of the earliest variants of the MPU-401, released for XT & AT systems. Issues with faster systems are known. I managed to score the two pieces …

Re: Volo's Gamepad to PS/2 Adapter. Device discussion (official thread) (Starting shipping 31.08.2021)

Got my order in, and I just want to give an early thanks to Volo for being very thorough and patient with the process. With numeous payment options on offer, this obviously makes for a bit of effort attending to each order depending on the region it's coming from! For the information of Aussies, you …

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