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Re: Quake without FPU

Kixs, you are just abusing your hardware now. I wasn’t being serious about going for 0.0fps. I’d be interested to know if you can play Screamer on the sx2-80 with q87, if you want to explore some other scenarios. Tested Screamer... it runs on 486SX2/80 with no FPU emulation. If I load Q87X then it …

Re: Quake without FPU

Still interested how it was designed and who were the developers. ....It’s a shame the authors seem to have disappeared. In my googling I saw a story about someone emailing Quickware for info but apparently the currently named Quickware company shares no history with the old one, only a common name …

Re: Quake without FPU

I did it the same way as always. Will try again... --- Tried again... unless it's as quick as FPU, Q87 doesn't disable it. --- In NSSI, Comptest... it shows the fpu being emulated. Benchmarks show that also. But in Quake it runs as fast like the native FPU. On the other hand Q87X really disables …

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