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Does anyone have experience with DirectPlay on Windows 10?

in Windows
So, I've noticed some inconsistencies with DirectPlay on Windows 10. For example, the 1997 game Outlaws, as long as you open the proper ports and both players have the same Windows OS and game exe, they connect fine. But yet, on the 1999 game Redline (the 1 I'm desperately trying to fix), connecting …

Re: directplay error trying to start warlords battlecry 3

in Windows
I've been trying to screw around with DirectPlay recently, on other games. I've never played the game you mentioned, but, this is worth a shot. -Download ipxwrapper at http://www.solemnwarning.net/ipxwrapper/ -Extract the zip to any folder -Copy the files dpwsockx.dll, ipxwrapper.dll, mswsock.dll, …

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