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Re: Source for "clip in" motherboard standoffs used in old OEM (specifically Dell) cases?

I imagine a cage nut with a washer on it to screw in regular standoffs or a stack of washers and a longer screw... Yeah I was just thinking that. If you google "M3 cage nut", "M3 clip nut" or "6-32 cage nut", "6-32 clip nut" etc then you get some promising results. Some other alternatives here - …

Re: GUS Classic and AWE32 daisy chain order

Yeah PC speaker motherboard headers are +5v ("speaker positive") and signal ("speaker negative"). The damage was presumably caused by the "speaker negative" pin being wired to signal ground on the mixer. Really the "speaker negative" pin should be connected to the audio input of the mixer (maybe via …

Re: Does this USB solution/thing still not exist?

in Milliways
Such a device would need to probe quite deeply into the USB protocol stack. So pretty nontrivial to make one, especially at USB2/USB3 speeds. Write-protecting an SDcard then putting it in a USB adapter might work, but at least on some devices the write protect functionality is software-bypassable

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