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Aleph One Version 1.8 (Win/Mac/Linux)

Source: https://github.com/Aleph-One-Marathon/alephone/releases/tag/release-20240510 Aleph One 1.8 Latest @treellama treellama released this 10 May 15:38 The major new feature of this release is support for Steam and achievements: Standalone builds see a few changes and bug fixes: Various sound and …

SuperTuxKart 1.5/2.0 News

in Milliways
SuperTuxKart devs have provided information on what is coming down the pike with regard to Versions 1.5 and 2.0: https://blog.supertuxkart.net/2024/04/on-way- … -15-and-20.html

Re: ScummVM 2.8.0

Source: https://www.scummvm.org/news/20240331/ Mar 31, 2024: Please welcome ScummVM 2.8.1: Oh MMy! Posted by The ScummVM Team Oh MMy — a new ScummVM release! Please welcome the first ScummVM release of the year: ScummVM 2.8.1. ScummVM 2.8.1 is a maintenance release mainly focused on fixing bugs that …

Re: electronic componemt kits

in Milliways
It is frequently the case that instructors in such courses create bills of material or pre-built shopping carts at distributors like DigiKey, Mouser, Newark, etc. in order to make it easy for students to get the parts necessary for a particular course. So I would definitely ask if such a shopping …

GNU Backgammon 1.08 for Win/Mac/Linux

Source: https://www.gnu.org/software/gnubg/gnubg.html Win Download: https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gnubg/gnubg-1_08_002-20240224-setup.exe Introduction to GNU Backgammon GNU Backgammon (GNUbg) plays and analyzes backgammon games and matches. It is able to play and analyze both money games and tournament …

FreeCiv 3.1.0

Source: https://freeciv.fandom.com/wiki/NEWS-3.1.0 Download: http://www.freeciv.org/download.html WHAT'S CHANGED SINCE 3.0 The major changes in Freeciv 3.1 are new Qt6- and gtk4-clients, improved balance for civ2civ3 ruleset, experimental meson based build system, and a whole lot of extra …

Memtest86+ v7.00

Source: https://www.memtest.org/ v7.00 Changelog […] Show full quote v7.00 Changelog IMC polling for live RAM settings Preliminary support for ECC polling Add support for MMIO UART Add debugging options Bug fixes & optimizations

The Dark Mod V. 2.12

Source: https://www.thedarkmod.com/posts/category/news/ The Dark Mod 2.12 has been released! Posted on March 4, 2024 by nbohr1more The Dark Mod 2.12 is a major step forward for mission designers! The culling system has been extensively overhauled to ensure that your CPU and GPU are not wasting …

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