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Re: MS-98L9 V2.0 , a new 1151MB with an ISA slot

Yep, I've been in loads of labs that still had dinosaur PCs running specialized equipment via some convoluted multi-ISA card setup well into the 2010s. Data logged to tape or printed & a realtime display on an amber CRT with 30 years of screen burn... Weren't NASA still buying up 8086es for the …

Re: NVIDIA Quadro4 980 XGL softmod options.

I looked into this for some old Quadro cards I found laying around at work, and came across this: https://hardforum.com/threads/quadro-4-980-xgl-can-you-flash-bios-to-a-make-it-geforce-base-card.723315/ For the 980, you'll be just as well off leaving everything as-is and running the Quadro driver as …

Re: xbox4 = 8 x sbox3

"Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear." 😁 Marketing can and will say anything to make a sale. That being said, some context is needed. They're referring specifically and ONLY to total theoretical maximum GPU compute power.

Re: Windows 3.11 on a 386SX

My first PC my dad built/gave to me as a kid was a 386SX-33 with Win 3.1 - you'll be totally fine. I played Command & Conquer on it, but it ran so bad that I had to tell it "no sound card" for the game to run at a decent framerate. Then he gave me a 486SX-25, and it was fast enough to add sound! It …

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