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Re: [SOLVED] C&C more than 4 LAN Players & DOS/Win9x ?

in DOS
I got it working with Nyerguds Special Options tool! :) However the tool needs Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 to run (that is not obviously possible on win95) so I did the following: 1.) Copied the game installation folder from win95 machine to win10 machine 2.) Run the Special option tool on Win10 …

Doom I/II - More than 4 Lan players?

in DOS
Hi, I have been browsing through the net that is there a way how to get more than four players through IPX in Doom or Doom2 but havent found a solution yet, so I decided to ask also here. Any solutions to increase the multiplayer amount?

Re: Wipeout XL / 2097 IPX problem

in Windows
UPDATE! I GOT IT WORKING :) So here are the instructions for future generations :) (Win95 environment) 1. Install the game from burned CD (do not install from mounted ISO as the install will be incomplete), I downloaded the ISO from [website removed] 2. Install Daemon Tools 3.47 (Last version for 9X …

Re: Wipeout XL / 2097 IPX gaming

in Windows
Here is a picture of the setup, five identical computers (233MMX,Trio64V+,Voodoo1, 128mb,30gb,Win95OSR2.5). Much of various IPX games on the party list, but one of the most important is missing = Wipeout 2097! 🙁 Filename 07925165-B083-45CA-925D-499078BF8515.jpeg File size 1.29 MiB Views 264 views

[SOLVED] Wipeout XL / 2097 IPX problem

in Windows
Hi everyone, I am desperate to get the Wipeout XL/2097 network IPX patch to work. I have tried both the RIP version and ISO version (burnt on cd or mounted) + the network patch, the game starts to lobby but when I try to host an IPX game it asks for the CD. No help even the CD is in the tray, I have …

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