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Re: getting quake2 and bf1942 to run on windows7 x64

in Windows
An update: I have another computer on which I have windows7 x32 and bf1942 worrks on it good. It is 64bit capable though, and I installed windows7 x64 and tried bf1942, it works good. So bf1942 fails not because I have 64bit OS but some other reason, my specs: i3 2ghz cpu, 4gb ram, intel hd 520 gpu, …

Getting BF1942 to run

in Windows
Hello, 1) How can get Quake2 to run on win7 x64 using opengl mode? (Solved) 2) How to make BF 1942 multiplayer demo run on my laptop? (Not solved yet) <<<<<<<<<<<<<< When I run it, black screen come for a few moments, then it quits. Laptop specs: i3 2ghz cpu, 4gb ram, intel hd graphics 520 gpu, …

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