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Re: Windows OPL3 Synthesizer

Any status on fixing the bugs in usermode driver so that stopping playback in Winamp actually tells it to shut down? It is rather annoying having to shut down whatever program accessed the driver before I stop hearing stuck notes. How are you getting stuck notes? I'm using Winamp and I have no …

Re: Windows OPL3 Synthesizer

Hi, I haven't posted here in a while but bumped across this post while looking for something semi-related to Adlib and MIDI. Wow! Really awesome, thanks very much for sharing this to the web, khokh2001! I've always wondered when someone would eventually pull this off. Currently testing this in …

Re: The Grand OPL3 Comparison Run!

I have two PCI cards with YMF-724F-V OPL chips, accessible via XP with the appropriate drivers and applications. Also got a ForteMedia FM-801. I did some real-time video recordings a while back just playing random stuff with these cards. I still have the YMF-724F-V card inserted in my box (only got …

Re: Munt development ?

I don't think I want to remove my existing devices. (MIDI yoke, Maple Tools, EDIROL PCR aka my MIDI controller keyboard, Yamaha S-YXG50 v4, Roland VSC, MSGS (maybe), and my SB Audigy 2 synths+SW synth)

Re: Munt development ?

Problem: Installed most recent (0.1.3) build of win32 drivers of MUNT with both MT32 ROMs. They install but for some reason it doesn't show up in my MIDI Devices list. Under Device Manager, it's there (no yellow symbol) but upon closer inspection the description says No drviers are installed for …

Re: Yamaha S-YXG series of sound synthesizers

in Windows
If you have a good look around the net, (much harder nowadays, though archive.org still has the setup for the trials) S-YXG50 WDM exists and works fine. In other news, Yamaha E-Music Club Japan released MidRadio Player 7, and now it comes with a brand new XG synthesizer (much better samples) however …

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