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Re: Spitz retro-PCs

WELL HERE WE ARE ... 7...8... AND 9 ... My Wife is gonna kill me very soon........ I've tried to tell her that I bought it all for ~50EUR but she doesn't believe me ..... #7 Toshiba TECRA 510CDT #8Toshiba Tecra700CT #9 Sattelite 300CDT

Re: Spitz retro-PCs

dr.zeissler wrote on 2020-08-17, 09:40: Why that Samsung MP 741 as Monitor ? 941mp is great, good quality made, nice looking pixels, wide resolutions support, very loud speakers and multiple connectors! Dsub, dvi, jack, cinche, svideo, scart...... ( it's a TV!)

Re: Spitz retro-PCs

Yeahhh... My wife started asking for divorce lately :D Those cases were great back days. In my modern PC I need to change the housing too but there is a major problem - 8 out 10 doesn't have 5.25" bays anymore ... WTF???? So the market is forcing me to buy one that doesn't meet my stylish …

Re: Spitz retro-PCs

[Hmmmm addiction? can't be!] There it is.. #3 PC, This time a Laptop Toshiba T4850CT. Specs: https://usermanual.com/document/7530/toshiba-t4850ct-specification.html In short: 3.3V SL enhanced i486 DX4 75MHz (16KB internal cache; integrated math coprocessor) 10.4" full-color Active Matrix, Thin Film …

Re: Spitz retro-PC

Did you exchange your TNT2 for a Rage Pro? Yes I did. TNT2 was causing problems on this mobo, but on other one is running 100% OK. What do you think of the Rage Pro? I never ended up using one (partially because of their relatively bad rep and because I had plenty alternatives at the time) but in …

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