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Re: Ati Radeon X1950 PRO AGP problems!

I've seen a lot of ati cards failing because of the bridge chip, it gets very hot and doesn't have any cooling, nvidia cards always had a heat sink on the bridge chip, but for some reason I've never seen an ati card with a heat sink on it. Two weeks ago my x1650 pro agp, died and it was the bridge …

Re: What video card should I pair with a Pentium MMX?

I have one k6-2 400 running at 2.5v o a DFI G586ipv and it even recognice the name of the cpu, tried it o a pcchips a101 and it works but the bios does not show the correct cpu name. It is a 430vx chipset. But in that systen I have the same problem as the op, the graphics card. Currently it has a …

Re: What video card should I pair with a Pentium MMX?

The ideal Graphics cards for a Pentium mmx arent cheap nowadays. Back then I had a Mystique 220 4mb and it was fairly bad at 3D. Then I boght a TNT 16mb PCI of course,and the CPU (200MMX) wasn't enoght. So ideal as is already known, voodoo1 because of compatibility,but if I had the money to buy an …

Re: Quake issues or normal behavior?

From my experience Firegl cards may work better for gaming if installing the driver of the equivalent desktop card. The firegl x3 seems to be identical to an radeon x800 gto. I did this with my firegl 8800 that is identical to a radeon 8500 and never had the problems that the original driver had. …

Re: VGA VRAM size and performance discussion

I have a newer example of this, a CL5434 PCI that enables 64 bit bus when upgrading fron 1mb to 2mb. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cirrus_Logic And also noticed an important performance increase when upgraded a S3 805 VLB like this one https://vgamuseum.ru/gpu/s3-graphics/s3-805/

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