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Re: Favorite forgotten games

One of my favorites is "The Incredible Machine" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Incre ... ideo_game) I remember another one but maybe I remember the name wrong, it seems to me "Stunts". He had the track editor.

Re: What's the dumbest retro mistake you've made?

I had just bought a beautiful PlatinX-2E QDI along with a carton of AGP video cards. Due to my laziness I have not used the usual bad card where I insert the cards to be tested unless they explode, and I have decided to use the mobo in question to test them. At the 9th of 12 video cards BUM ....... …

Logic analizer

Does anyone own this product or a similar one to recommend? I would need it for debugging faulty motherboards (286-486) InnoMaker LA5032 USB Logic Analyzer 32 Channels 500M Max Sample Rate 10G Samples MCU/ARM/FPGA Debug Tool English Software,Support Windows(32bit/64bit),MAC OS,LINUX,MIPI Analyzer . …

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