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Re: Windows 95/98 games you never get tired of?

in Windows
Diablo / Diablo II Doom95 Dungeon Keeper Direct 3D Dungeon Keeper II Risk II Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? (by Broderbund) Caesar III Sim City 3000 Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption Monopoly Stratego Neverwinter Knights Rollercoaster Tycoon So many fun games!

Re: AMD DX4 100MHz build

I pulled out my AMD 486DX/4 100MHz system. Here are the specs: AMD 486DX/4 100MHz CPU Asus VL/I486SV2GX4 with 256KB L2 (not working) WinBond VLB hdd controller ATI Mach32 2MB VLB 32MB 60ns FPM 850MB Conner Peripherals hdd 3COM 3C515 100Mbit ISA NIC MediaVision Pro Audio Spectrum 16 MS-DOS 6.20 and …

Re: AMD DX4 100MHz build

Agreed with Anonymous Coward, your YouTube videos are great! I prefer networking as much of my legacy systems as I can so I can avoid sneakernet or floppy emulation as much as possible. I'll have to pull out my AMD 486DX/4 100 with 16KB L1 to see how it compares to your 8KB CPU if I get a chance. …

Re: Post your 'current' PC

My current system consists of: AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper 3970X 32-Core CPU ASRock TRX4 CREATOR motherboard G.Skill Trident G Royal 64GB (8 8GB) DDR4 4000MHz RAM in quad-channel config 2 Gigabyte RTX 2070 8GB GPUs Sabrent Rocket 2TB PCIe 4 NVMe SSD CoolerMaster AIO liquid cooler (don't remember the …

Re: Himem.sys vs. AutoExec.bat vs. Config.sys

Technically it is possible to just use a single configuration file in DOS. The CONFIG.SYS INSTALL= statement can be used to load almost anything you would put into AUTOEXEC.BAT, save for SET= statements. But honestly it is better to just leave them as separate configuration files to avoid any …

Re: Good OS selectors ?

I used System Commander back in the day as a paid purchase. I used it to multi-boot many versions of DOS, Windows 95, NT4 and OS/2 for application compatibility testing on a 486 system. Worked really well, too! I had purchased Boot Commander + Partition Magic, which was a competitor to System …

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