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Re: Lost Vikings General MIDI port changer

in DOS
Sorry to bump such an old topic up but does this game using MIDI at all? During the setup there is just the sound driver so I assumed that it is not using MIDI. Either way I have a Sound Blaster 5.1 SB0600 and it sounds absolutely terrible for some reason in both DOS and Win98SE. I'm using Phils …

Re: IPX removed from Linux Kernel in 4.18 - Wine & IPX Gaming?

in Windows
Ahh man I just recently found out about this... cat /boot/config-4.14.18-sunxi | grep -i ipx # CONFIG_IPX is not set On 5.6 it was gone already but, BUT they have left: │ CONFIG_DECNET: │ │ │ │ The DECnet networking protocol was used in many products made by │ │ Digital (now Compaq). It provides …

Re: KVM(QEMU) Win98 videocard passthrough.I finally got it working- with full 3D API support Quake III 1600x1200 90+ FPS

I have read through this topic and I quite agree with many of the posts. While a lot of us like those noisy big old retrocomputers you have to face it there is an increasing demand from the retro community and literally no supply for parts so sooner or later you will not be able to get a 6600 or a …

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