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Re: KVM(QEMU) Win98 videocard passthrough.I finally got it working- with full 3D API support Quake III 1600x1200 90+ FPS

I have read through this topic and I quite agree with many of the posts. While a lot of us like those noisy big old retrocomputers you have to face it there is an increasing demand from the retro community and literally no supply for parts so sooner or later you will not be able to get a 6600 or a …

CDROM Emulator?!?

https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/HGcAAOSw6atfNKAl/s-l500.png I wonder if anything like this exist on a reasonable price for ATA which similarly to the Gotek can take .iso images and boot from it. It would save a lot of pain for me because I love to play around with old OS-es and although I have …

Re: Using Audigy drivers with a Sound Blaster Live

Ok finally I had a chance to test this and come to thank for the solution. The Audigy2 driver works like a charm. Both DOS games and Windows games are working with my SB0100. The only issue I have sometimes that after boot the VxD part (windows part) of the driver malfunctioning eg: any apps like …

Re: Scrolling in WFW3.11?!

in Windows
Yeah this might be a dead-end until win 3.1 source leaks like XP and some fans decide to add this functionality. What I found is: Turns out I was wrong, The Windows 3.1 SDK does in fact define WM_MBUTTONDOWN and WM_MBUTTONUP. No built-in applications use it, and very few other applications do either …

Scrolling in WFW3.11?!

in Windows
So the question is in the subject: was this ever even supported to use the middle scroll with a mouse for WFW3.11? (If no other way with a 3rd party app) It is the last member of the 3.x family so if there is a chance to be supported it must be in this version. In the control panel there is pretty …

Re: Best Chess for Win9X?

in Windows
Thanks a lot, yeah that's all I found for Win3.1 GNU Chess 3.21 not too eyecandy ;) This Power Chess I do remember I will give it a try. Assuming that every1 is watching the idiotbox is foolish, I haven't watched TV in the last 20 years, not enough time for it but now that you saying: The Queen's …

Best Chess for Win9X?

in Windows
Although I don't say it was the most sophisticated but we can call Battle Chess one of it's best for the DOS era: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6HYbQCRwgk I wonder if you know any good GUI chess made for Win9X.

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