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Re: Favorite ISA Sound Cards

I don't see anyone mention the Gravis Ultrasound. I never owned one, I was more partial to the AWE-64 Gold I had. But, I had friends at the time who could not stop telling me how awesome the card was. Hmmm. Any thoughts on that?

Re: Where do I download the games?

I stick with ebay for the games I need to rebuy. I was surprised how many games I lost over the years due to bad floppies / losing them when moving etc. I should have been more careful with them. On the bright side, it is fun to recollect some titles and play them again.

Re: DOSBox Wish List

Wishes: * ability to unmount ISOs mounted with imgmount. * command to force exit DOSbox from inside a batch file. i.e. like a shutdown command. * integrate mt32 emulation like ScummVM (candacow) * autograb mouse focus on dosbox launch. right now need to click the window. very minor * icon for dosbox …

Re: Bug fix and new Linux release

Fine work. Just built and tested on my Debian 'Sarge' box. I love the X interface to the MT-32. My only wish is that I could minimize it to the Gnome status tray. I've been using it with the build of ScummVM that is in the Debian tree. Ver 0.6.1b. I set ScummVM to use ALSA, and added the line: alsa_ …

Re: Windows Driver

Are there any plans to merge in CANDACOWs work in the future. I realize it is considered an unstable branch for the moment. I suppose it is more or less up to candacow to submit his work as a patch.

Re: moslo like command

See my other post about Quickmenu III. I use that to launch games inside of DOSbox. I don't want to have to create a icon with a -conf for each game/config. This should be a simple in DOSbox command to add. I know there are "other" ways to do this. This is a feature I think others besides myself …

Re: moslo like command

Right the hotkeys are fine for finding a speed, or testing speeds. But, I still think this would be a handy feature. I simply don't want to have to hit the hot keys every time I launch a game. Call me lazy. 😁

in DOSbox front end. Quickmenu III

Just a tip for those who are interested. Back in my DOS days I used to use QuickMenu III as my GUI to launch games. It still works great in DOSbox as well. So if you want a nice GUI that blends great with DOSbox take a look here: http://i1079.photobucket.com/albums/w515/laxdragon42/Retro%20and% …

moslo like command

I think I've asked about this before. But for some of my games I'ld like to have a in DOS command to change the cycles. I could then via batch files just change the cycles on the fly. @echo off config set cycles=2400 stellar7 config restore cycles See, then I could play stellar7 without having to …

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