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Re: Need help for the use of PCI FM Sound Cards

in Marvin \ Sound
Joseph_Joestar wrote on 2023-08-29, 01:46: Connecting the card using a SB-Link header can help with this, but motherboards which have one of those are somewhat rare. plus a lot of motherboards with PC/PCI header have their own ISA slots, so it's easier to use a seamless ISA card directly.

Re: ATI Radeon 7500 PCI not working

in Marvin \ Video
The seller responded, also fell for the scam and couldn't get the card to work. Should I make trouble now because of the few bucks? It works now...kind off. Most DOS Games are working. Tested only an hand full. Its a Socket A machine, (Duron 900) without isa slot, and with sbemu. Some games wont …

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