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Re: 486DX2 M915I Build Log

Made some progress today, I was hoping to use a IDE to MicroSD card but I can't seem to get it to boot, FC1306T is the listed chip with a small flash, but doesn't seem to be bootable. Did manage to benchmark it, format the drive Fdisk etc.. all appear to work just not booting (partition is active)

Re: 486DX2 M915I Build Log

Disruptor wrote on 2021-11-26, 19:58: No L2 cache? 1x 64K x 8 BIT SRAM DIP-32 + 8x 128K x 8 SRAM DIP-32 On order from China, 2-12 weeks 😜 This board did not have fake cache, just none and the BIOS chip is socketed. Better than some of the versions of this board.

486DX2 M915I Build Log

Now begins a new adventure, this one I'm taking my time on. The last system I built took about 7 months and it's still not done so I expect this to take me a while. What I have so far: Baby AT Mainboard, M915I or 80486VIP haven't yet confirmed which https://www.elhvb.com/webhq/models/486pci/80486vip …

Re: Troubleshooting SIMMCONN Revival

4th's time is a charm! Did not work: MT16D832G-6X Micron 32 MB SIMM DDR SDRAM Memory Chips: Chips 16x MT4C4M4E But the latest chip, assembled in Canada no less worked and passed! Celestica 32MB EDO Chips: GD 51H0112 Thanks for the help all!

486 Heatsink Glued on?

I have a 486 DX2 66 with a HSF that appears to be glued or epoxied on. There is no give so I suspect it's not thermal adhesive tape. The fan works and I'm tempted to leave it, but if I recall a 486DX2 could run without a cooler (and well, I think that makes it look neater) so I'm tempted to try and …

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