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Repairing a CT4520 / Worth it?

I have a ct4520 that does not detect the wave portion of the card. There are two capacitors near what I think is the midi portion, see attached image. The capacitors are not bulged, but there is corrosion on the cap. The card is a bit dirty, but I recall someone on here posting that a component …

Re: Troubleshooting SIMMCONN Revival

Hey all, I wanted to provide an update. Hi, I wanted to let you know because you were so kind to respond that I’ve tested with some other EDO memory modules I found around. It recognized a 8MB of RAM chip that I installed in the CT4380 with the value firmware. Without it it only recognized 512K …

Not enough Memory Windows 98 SE

in DOS
I got this board that seems to work in dos with minimal testing (ran doom quite nicely) I tried to load Windows and I got not enough memory, even in safe mode. Suspect this is due to the shared video memory not being properly reserved in DOS? The processor is a Dual Core Atom 330 with the Intel …

Re: Troubleshooting SIMMCONN Revival

maxtherabbit wrote on 2021-11-04, 14:38: I have an AWE64 Value (don't remember the CT number) and it works perfectly with a 32MB SIMM Are you able to provide a link to the chips you used? I can't find any 32MB modules with the supported chips. I did order a 16MB one a few moments ago but I can …

Re: Troubleshooting SIMMCONN Revival

Sorry, yes the SIMMCONN is set for 32MB. I reached out to the good folks at Serda Shop and they sent me this info. It seems the 'value' is only listing 16MB modules as successful and it's a guess on the 'standard' version of the card. the green V is a 'Value' firmware, CT4520 is a value version, so …

Troubleshooting SIMMCONN Revival

I purchased of a local user a SB Awe 64 CT4380 and a SIMMCONN with 32MB EDO. Every test I try I'm only getting 4MB of RAM from my AWE Card, this leads me to suspect the SIMMCONN or RAM is not functional. I've also tested the same SIMMCONN on a CT4520 with identical results. The memory module has the …

Re: X86Launcher - A DOS Launcher - No Typing!

in DOS
I've got this loaded, P3B-F, P3-500Mhz, Radeon 9200SE AGP. It hangs on load 🙁 works great in dos box. The screen goes dim, once I had it load the menu but then it froze. Waiting to load Main UI... Red bar is full, screen is dim. It seems to never load.

X86Launcher - A DOS Launcher - No Typing!

in DOS
If you're looking for a MS DOS launcher, I found it... Here is a video online, it's still young and new but please give it a like and bump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ1fFGvar1k https://external.fxds1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/safe_image.php?d=AQG4sPF9M7QEEha6&w=480&h=250&url=https%3A%2F%2Fi.ytimg.com% …

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