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Re: CD-in Audio - where to find for my SB Pro clone

Looking at the website, for example Mitsumi, there are these wires on the 4-Pin side: - right channel signal - right channel return - left channel signal - left channel return No ground? The ground is the return path in unbalanced interfaces. Since your drive doesn't have the balanced output, …

Re: Adding 3.3v to pci

What’s the most powerful one I could use? Any chance you could send link? Perhaps sketch the schematic I need to make for the power circuit? What about a high amp diode stack between 5v and. 3.3v pins? Diode would heat up and eventually fail. Hopefully fail open, not short, but that might depend on …

Re: Help identifying game by sound track

in Milliways
Legend Entertainment's adaptation of "Death Gate." Yes, this is it! Somehow my memories about this game are vague. I was suspecting the other game from Legend Entertainment - Shannara, which I remember vividly. But skimming through videos on youtube I couldn't confirm this. But yeah, it is "Death …

Re: Adding 3.3v to pci

How do I make a 3.3v regulator? I need like a mosfet and a capacitor yes? Depends on the needs. You may be ok with some fixed voltage 1117 LDO regulator to make 3.3v from 5v. Some caps are needed for sure, LDO might start oscillating without it. The datasheet for the exact regulator you choose will …

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