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Re: Dune 2000

ala_borbe: thanks for advice but I am running PC computers since 1995 and I know basic rules & checks. No issue with VGA câbles. I got 280 DOS games and more than 100 windows games running flawlessly on this computer. So the issue comes from this game or its compatibility with hardware or driver, …

Re: Dune 2000

Oh, one more thing. If you're using Matrox PowerDesk, go to the advanced settings (in one of the "display properties tabs" and disable the "Bus mastering" option (then reboot). I have read this can resolve (I think at vintage3d.org) problems with some games.

Re: Dune 2000

ala_borbe wrote on 2022-04-20, 12:43: try changing the VGA cable and make sure that in device manager your monitor is set to plug and play monitor or that it actually shows the model of your monitor It's probably not the monitor if Dune is saying "not responding" in the task manager.

Re: Dune 2000

Thank you very much for trying. For my part, I have not advanced; I know the game crashes but the PC is not crashed. I can go back to windows 98se and in task manager I get the message "Dune 2000" not responding. Your Matrox card is the same as mine (except mine is PCI -no AGP on my machine). I …

Re: Digital game collection addiction

in Milliways
I have over 540 games on Steam, almost 540 on GOG, and I'm guessing another half of either amount as boxed copies. And of those boxed copies, I have burned copies of those for use in DOS/9X/NT/2000 machines, as I don't want to damage the discs. XP and later, I use the GOG or steam version where …

Re: Dune 2000

Thanks. I've searched in graphic control panel and found a special settings tab in Matrox Powerdesk. It allows me to tweak manually each graphic mode. I realized that default frequency for 640x400 & 640x480 was 85Hz and my monitor supports only 70Hz. So by adjusting and saving settings, I don't …

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