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Re: Babylon 5 remake?

in Milliways
I remember when I heard about the BattleStar Galatica (BSG) reboot I groaned but I ended up really really liking it. I will wait and see on Babylon 5... I have watched all episodes including the director commentary so there are quite a few shows that came about because of corporate decisions and …

Re: YOUR favorate game era.

in Milliways
1997 to about 2003... whereby I have to say I tended to not have the latest and greatest in hardware so I was often installing games after they had been out for a year or two. I think WarHammer 40k Dark Crusade (2006) was that last game I ever bought (until StarCraft 2 came out) and I had to crank …

Re: Why people still love XP

in Milliways
My sister's older laptop is barely usable anymore, because Windows is constantly doing strange things in the background. If you are running windows 10 on a hard drive rather than an SSD, you are not in for a happy time. I can confirm that. We have an older HP Elite Book and it was getting dog slow. …

Re: english, the planetary language

in Milliways
I think there are similar issues between north/east Germans and south/west Germans? I seem to remember my school German teacher (who was from southern Germany) saying that Berliners talked funny, but I no longer remember the details. Yes German dialects can be extreme. Many cannot understand German …

Re: What do you drive?

in Milliways
Just ordered my first all electric car. A Skoda Enyaq. I HATE SUVs... they are the stupidest kind of car out there but there are no electric minivans in this part of the world so this is the closest I could get (it is a leased car through my employer so I am limited in my choices...) I am currently …

Re: Are Voodoo graphics card THAT good ?

I beta tested for 3Dfx and had regular contact with the engineers. I can pretty much confirm most of what is being said here. 3Dfx missed the 32 bit train, though to be honest it was a little silly in the beginning because while some card could do 32 bit a lot of people stick to 16 bit as it had a …

Re: What game made you upgrade to Windows 95 back in the day?

in Milliways
My first computer came with Windows 95. I picked up Strike Commander but could not get it to run. I called the 1-800 number and a guy (I presume in Texas) talked me through the whole process of making a boot disk. Since there were few Windows-only games I learned how to get around DOS... I had …

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