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Re: Most disappointing games?

in Milliways
I mean, there's plenty of cutscenes in I76 where they're out of the car discussing whatever. There's even scenes in the intro that never actually happen in the TRIP. (and also depict the other hand weapons that were never implemented) Being able to bail out of a car and get into another one was a …

Re: Most disappointing games?

in Milliways
They did away with the in car view which almost made it a non starter for me... And then you had to solve a lot of missions on foot... getting out of the car... NEVER GET OUT OF THE CAR!!!

Re: Mechwarrior 2 3Dfx issues

Can't you set the refresh rate in a batch file in your autoexec.bet ? I seem to remember having multiple batch files to optimize my voodoo card for a specific game... I could be wrong ... the batch file won't help a Windows 95 game though I think...

Re: Riva TNT2 vs. Voodoo

Back in the day when I was beta testing drivers for 3Dfx I found it annoying that people were pushing the whole 32 bit thing when, at the time, there were very little things other than benchmarks that used it. 3Dfx did rest on their laurels too long though and it kicked them... hard.... I bet if you …

Re: Babylon 5 remake?

in Milliways
I remember when I heard about the BattleStar Galatica (BSG) reboot I groaned but I ended up really really liking it. I will wait and see on Babylon 5... I have watched all episodes including the director commentary so there are quite a few shows that came about because of corporate decisions and …

Re: YOUR favorate game era.

in Milliways
1997 to about 2003... whereby I have to say I tended to not have the latest and greatest in hardware so I was often installing games after they had been out for a year or two. I think WarHammer 40k Dark Crusade (2006) was that last game I ever bought (until StarCraft 2 came out) and I had to crank …

Re: Why people still love XP

in Milliways
My sister's older laptop is barely usable anymore, because Windows is constantly doing strange things in the background. If you are running windows 10 on a hard drive rather than an SSD, you are not in for a happy time. I can confirm that. We have an older HP Elite Book and it was getting dog slow. …

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