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SCI0 problems

in Speedset
Hey folks, While running SCI0 games (ie SQ3 et al) with VDMS and Speedset I get horrible skipping forward glitches. The music may run fine for 20 seconds but then it'll skip say 3 seconds forward. What causes this one? Anything I can do? Etc, etc. Highest regards, - Alistair, http://www.sierramusic. …

Speed guidelines

in Speedset
I was just wondering, would it be possible for you guys to make a list of recommended speeds for games? Personally, I'm interested in speeds for Sierra games and would greatly appreciate it if anyone could compile a list of speeds for the Quests, etc. Eg King's Quest 6- .006 Etc. Regards, - Spikey

Re: Speedset 1.0.1

Well, can you give me an example of the type of file? Or changes to the autoexec.vdms file, etc.. I tried launchpad, and the update, neither of which worked. If I just run a Sierra game, by, say, pressing enter, it plays with messed sound, and if I run Speedset from DOS I just get faster, messed …

Re: Speedset 1.0.1

Hey guys, Thanks for providing the community with VDMS, and now this. :) Getting to the point, I know the first post clears it up, but is there a way I can incorporate it into autoexec.vdms so I don't have the very annoying task of going to command prompt every time I want to run a DOS game? Regards …

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