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Re: AdLib Incorrect Emulation....

Ok Guys...i've recorded the sound...it's a door in monkey 1 floppy version..opening e closing. (same sound in indy3) Sorry for the bad recording of OPL2 Genuine and Scummvm Emulation but i have a stupid microphone :pppt: I also post it on bug tracking of dosbox and scummvm ;) Here we Begin with …

DiscWorld 2 on WinXp SP1/SP2

in Windows
Please help me! I try to starting DW2 on Winxp...i even try touse the compatibility tools,upgrade SP2 but nothing! I Know it running on W98...because i've tried on it 😉 Someone can help me?

Miss Notes?

in MT-32 General
Hi... i have installed the Windows Driver of MT-32 Emulator....everything in installation was O.K. I Choise him...and the instruments was all right...but? Some Notes Miss and the sound is corrupted...and so the music is VERY BAD! Is An Emulator Future Correction or is Something Else? Thanks! (P.S. …

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