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Re: Good DOS/early Windows books

I assume I have to look for the last one? Was the the original written in German (mein Computer Deutsch is noch nicht so ganz schlecht ;)). Well, they're quite different. I wasn't too interested in 5, which is why I didn't buy it. 4 is more DOS + hardware oriented whereas 5 has loads more Windows …

Re: Good DOS/early Windows books

Go find PC Intern, and then tell me if you need more books ;) There's at least 5 revisions of it. I have PC Intern 1, 2 and 4. Revision 4 was badly translated from German (into Dutch) and I ended up correcting lots of mistakes (mostly caused by the source code and some data tables also being " …

Re: DOS VGA Emulation, difficult to do?

were the roland lawyers apparently baseless threats so effective? They weren't baseless at all. The only reason Roland had to back down was because of a technicality. They couldn't produce the appropriate documents when required, but you can bet that when they find them, they'll be sure to crack …

Re: error message

in Windows
That can't possibly give you the same error message when being run through DOSBox, as the 16bit DOS subsystem that cmd.exe has is not used at all by DOSBox. The text you list also isn't the actual error message, but the extra information, which is only partly useful (though having cs=0000 is an …

Re: Remapping Ctrl-F4 for in-game use

Go into the keymapper, find the special functions block in the lower right, select the "rescan" function (which is what ctrl-f4 is bound to by default), then delete that combo. Unless you then assign another combination to the function, you won't be able to rescan the disks. This isn't a frequently …

Re: blurriness round screen edges

in Milliways
There's a DAC on the graphics card that does the conversion from digital to analog. This DAC has only a certain capacity this limits the resolution that can be used with the card. Especially at higher resolution, the DAC will be operating at the edge of its capability, especially with a crappy cable …

Re: Earliest games with additive blending

in Milliways
I think you mean "addictive", mininiki. "Additive blending" is a certain graphical technique, the most common use for which is lighting. I can't think of any early examples others than the ones you mention, leileilol. A few thing that are mathematically and visually identical, but they're not really …

Re: Old School Color Cycling with HTML5

in Milliways
It simulates swapping palettes. What the article actually says is that it takes a precalculated list of pixels to change and updates those in a loop, even blending them when the appropriate option is enabled (which it is by default). That's the reason for it using a lot of CPU power.

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