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Re: DOSBox stutter with G-Sync?

I had this same issue. With dosbox (various versions/forks/output types) and scummvm. I disabled gsync and that fixed it. I did it by .exe name in nvidia control panel, rather than completely disabling gsync globally. SDL issue perhaps?

Real Roland RA-50 with dosbox over midi

Hi, I just recently picked up a Roland RA-50 and would like to hook it up to my PC for usage with dosbox. I am using Dosbox-X and have properly configured to have dosbox output midi to the RA-50, but of course there is the issue of stuck notes due to the RA-50 not understanding the "all notes off" …

Re: Roland SC-55mkII works with wrong AC polarity??

Cheers for the replies. keropi was right! I tested the AC adapter with a multimeter and it turns out that the PSU is indeed reversed and is actually center-negative. I fixed the label and tried it out and the SC55 works perfectly. Nice to hear that there seems to be some basic protection by a …

Re: MT-32 General Midi Conversion/Patching problems

I appreciate your detailed answers, thank you!! playmid.exe worked great, and I didn't need softmpu's help of /SYSEXDELAY Falcosoft, FSMP looks amazinggggg++. When I finish setting up Win98 I'll certainly be playing with this. I do see your sysex files... and actually grabbed them to try. I tested …

MT-32 General Midi Conversion/Patching problems

Has anyone gotten this to work, official from Roland? It apparently patches your MT-32 to make it work better for GM playback. http://www.houseofsynth.com/roland-mt-32-to-general-midi-conversion-utility I've tried several methods of loading "MTGM.mid" to my MT-32rev0 but none of the midi music seems …

Re: Best combo for a SS7 with 2x ISA slots?

Thank you for the info! My Resound 3 arrived, I'm currently running with [ Option 1 ] -- Resound OPL3 + AWE64 (w/ SoftMPU) + Audigy 2 ZS I haven't run into any Intelligent MT-32 game that doesn't work with EMM386+SoftMPU, so I think the HardMPU will have to go into another computer :) I can always …

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