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Re: Gabriel Knight 2 dvd???

The instructions are shown during setup. Here's an excerpt: --- GABRIEL KNIGHT: THE BEAST WITHIN HD/DVD Installer 1.01 for Windows INTRODUCTION ... INSTRUCTIONS To install the game, simply follow the directions on screen. You can choose between the Full installation and the Minimum installation. …

Re: MT-32 for oldgames (non-emulation)

Got my hands on an SB16 Vibra, and that seemed to do the trick. Some games don't seem to work though (Ultima6 doesn't seem to want to output to the MT-32 and runs very very slowly for some reason), however most are ok! I wish the SB16 had a volume knob though. The settings I choose in the SB mixer …

Re: MT-32 for oldgames (non-emulation)

Allllllright. So I got the cabling all figured out. Inputting to the Line-in worked wonders. All that's left now is to find an old ISA SB16 or something. I was hoping to avoid eBay but I can't seem to find anyone in town who has one lying around :( I also tried to plug in an SBLive! value with the …

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