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Re: How can I network an old 486 with my modern PC?

in PC Emulation
Hi! You've got a cool laptop there, I had the same (well. now it's just disassembled parts, since some components died). My solution was to buy a cheap noname 10MBit PCMCIA network card at a garage sale. It worked quite well after I spent half a day searching for drivers :sly:. Transfer rates over …

Re: My oldschool rigs

Thanks for the feedback! :happy: System 1: I've already tried to use the 8MB SoundFont MIDI emulation with an AWE32, but there was trouble with DOS extender games (the GUS MIDI emulation has similar problems). A real MT32 or LAPC1 would be my dream, unfortunately they are hard to get and VERY …

My oldschool rigs (updated once again)

Hi there! This is the thread where I show off my two retro-PCs. I use them to play old games and watch classic scene demos. The third PC also looks like a retro-PC by now, but is actually my main machine... :sweatdrop: (I should upgrade it some time) System 1: (specs updated) CPU: Intel 486 DX or …

Re: System Shock 1 sound configuration problem

in DOS
Many onboard soundchips emulate a SoundBlaster Pro in hardware, so the problem might only be a little configuration issue (especially if other games work with SB settings). Maybe the sound setup program doesn't work because of an unset BLASTER environment. To check on this, just type "set" on the …

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