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Re: Technology that fascinated you, but ultimately flopped

in Milliways
/\ Yeah. FM synthesis never flopped - it was superseded rather than failed. In fact, I'd say it was VERY successful at its time. That being said I don't think I have anything to add to this thread. A weird combination of my relatively young age (26) and the fact that I'm not easily impressed I …

Re: Zerker's eMachine 500ix hack-up

Nice machine, though I personally would've tried to use the older (beige) case. Beige cases just give me a fuzzy warm feeling when building a retro-machine xD If you don't care about Glide you can broaden your searches for the likes of a TnT2 (non M64) or even something slightly newer like a GeForce …

Re: Alternatives to storage devices (hard disk drives) in "legacy" PC's - advice needed

I installed CF cards on a few of my older PCs. On my XT no matter what inneficiencies could be introduced by a flash-memory unaware OS the CF card is bound to be bottlenecked by the 8-bit ISA BUS. On my 486 the performance is quite fine, the PC feels very snappy. Also, I have a hard time believing …

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