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Re: Die Siedler/ The Settler

I cannot tell you why it does not work. As soon as you move your mouse, there should be some output visible when using that tool. The error could be anywhere. In my setup it works without any problem, so I cannot give you any further hints. I simply do not know what to do.

Re: Die Siedler/ The Settler

What does the label of the mouse say? You will need either a Mircosoft or a Mousesystems protocol for Settlers/Serf City/Siedler. There are also other protocols I know little about. Just make sure your mouse uses none of them. Micosoft mouse protocol should work in XP (does for me). Mouseystems mice …

Re: Die Siedler/ The Settler

Sorry for confusing the IRQs. Here is a screenshot of the options menu I was talking about: http://www.vogons.org/files/sied_000.png As you can see, actual IRQ or COM port numbers are not that important, just as long as they are same in both dosbox.conf and settlers. Talking about your PS/2 mice, …

Re: Die Siedler/ The Settler

Use a direct serial enabled build. The topic has been already discussed, but here is a short summary for you: 1. Set up direct serial. The emulated COM port has to use IRQ 4, COM2. 2. Choose Mouse at COM2, IRQ 4 at the options menu of settlers as input device for player 2. 3. PS2 mice have to …

Re: Enabling Settlers 2 Multiplayer

Sounds like great work. I did not try your patch though, as I own a serial mouse to play Settlers 2 multiplayer games. I think you should split your project into two parts. One that is OS independent and one that is OS dependent and connect them trough Network. The task of the first part would be to …

Make it 0.73 please

If you compare current CVS builds to the official builds, you will notice a lot great new features, such as gfx-card emulation. The problem, though, is that mainstream users will not be able to use these new features because they install the official builds or the official 0.72 gets delivered by …

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