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Re: Emulating MT-32 on an RPi2

The Pi mesa driver recently had a few percents performance bump by changing hash algorithms on gpu limited workflows too. I like the little device, even if the hardware is lacking in comparison with proprietary phones (28 nm, terribly simple gpu from the ruins of broadcom ambitions), the open source …

Re: Large HD images (DOSBOX)

Just a quick question about the bigFAT_2G patch, since the geometry autodetection changed, for FAT16 disks, will i have to recreate images that were using 16 heads instead of 255 (which was the previous default, based on bochs)? Or i can keep using the FAT 16 windows images i already have if they're …

Re: Large HD images (DOSBOX)

Thanks man, i'll probably use yours instead of the current larger patch with imgmake in my ppa if you don't mind. I don't like how i had to hack it it before with no to little understanding. edit2: disregard the previous edit; i was testing the patches with not current source.

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