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Re: The Guide to the Ultimate QFG Character

There was a way to practice lockpicking in qfg3. I can't remember it but there was. (maybe your chest in the hotel). The real downer was climbing, that had only some places to practice. A way to get much better at some skill in short game time was to go to the big tree, or the peace lake and ( …

Re: Holy Crap!!!

Another thing, with the usual caveats that it might be a configuration problem, the colors of the game floor13 on http://www.the-underdogs.org/game.php?id=419 Are off. Instead of greyscale like in the screenshoot, the pallete seems to have aquired other colors. Also smart update screws with the …

Re: Trying to run Master of Orion 2

In my experience, running MO2 on a XP system has no problems whatsoever with the DOS version (compatibility wizard set to Win98). However the Win version is crash prone even after the patch, which you should get.

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